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Tyan Trinity 400 S1854 - motherboard - ATX - Pro133A - Slot 1 / Socket 370

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  • Model: S1854
  • Manufacturer: Tyan
  • Availability: Yes
  • Warranty: 90 Days
  • Condition: OEM BULK


Tyan Trinity 400 S1854?á - motherboard - ATX - Pro133A - Slot 1 / Socket 370

Product Description

The S1854 Trinity 400 is a quality, high performance single processor mainboard. It boasts a high level of flexibility, offering PPGA-370 Celeron AND Intel Slot 1 Pentium II / III microprocessor support. Designed around the new VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset, the S1854 delivers all of the features of the Intel BX chipset, plus 4x AGP, 133Mhz FSB and UDMA/66. With full 133Mhz bus support, this board is primed for supporting future processors and faster memory.

Technical specifications

Product Type ?á?á ?áMotherboard
Form Factor ?á?á ?áATX
Width ?á?á ?á12 in
Depth ?á?á ?á8.3 in
Compatible Processors ?á?á ?áPentium II, Celeron, Pentium III
Processor Socket ?á?á ?áSlot 1 / Socket 370
Max Processor Speed ?á?á ?á1 GHz
Chipset Type ?á?á ?áVIA Apollo Pro133A
Max Bus Speed ?á?á ?á133 MHz
Storage Controller ?á?á ?áATA-66
Installed Qty (Max Supported) ?á?á ?á0 ( 1 )
Supported RAM Technology ?á?á ?áSDRAM
Supported RAM Integrity Check ?á?á ?áECC
RAM Installed ( Max ) ?á?á ?á0 MB / 768 MB (max) - DIMM 168-pin
RAM Technology ?á?á ?áSDRAM - ECC?á